About Us

Aestushop is an online fashion store that aims to bring all styles to the entire world with quality so that everyone can wear what they love affordably. We work with a system that avoids wasted inventory and with qualified providers to deliver affordable and good products to all our customers.

We emerged in January 2022 with the goal of making available and bringing products online all over the world, with different styles for different personalities.

As Aestus grows, we invest in expanding our team and resources, to bring a better experience and news to our customers, partners and therefore new audiences!

We focus on not only expanding Aestus, but doing so by respecting and bringing more inclusion, not only in our team, but also for our clients. We always seek to provide the best quality in all aspects for all our clients, we always want to attract new audiences from everywhere, we want everyone to be free and choose to wear what they want!

Welcome to Aestus, feel free to wear what you love!